Two successful European brands - Sinus & Reflex

Sinusverteiler represents the recent member of the Heating and Water Division as a part of the Winkelmann Group. With its products for hydraulic balancing and distribution of water, Sinus and Reflex now offer a complementary and technically smart solution for modern hydronic systems. This will finally lead to a benefit for our customers.

Reflex, with its headquarters in Germany, is part of the Heating and Water Division of the Winkelmann Group with its key business in automotive components and in HVAC products. Being the largest manufacturer of expansion tanks worldwide
with production sides in Germany, Poland, Turkey and China. Reflex counts approximately 1,500 persons whereas the Winkelmann Group employs more than 3,000 people worldwide. The managing directors of Reflex Winkelmann GmbH are Norbert Hülsmann and Volker Mauel. The company is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider for hydronic systems and has successfully grown over many years. With numerous customers in the trade channel and being a preferred supplier of many European wall hung boiler manufacturers, Reflex offers diaphragm expansion tanks in various sizes, shapes and pressure steps for different applications. Heating, cooling, potable water and large size systems are our key products including hot water storage tanks in different configurations.

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