Hydronic Unit Type 120/80

with NPT connections


Chamber size: 120/80
Connection: NPT
Heating water throughput rate: 7.0 m³/h / 30.8 gpm
Pipe distance (OC) 125 mm / 4 11/16"
Operating pressure  max. 4 bar / max. 58 psi
Operating temperature: max. 110°C / max. 230°F
Product description

Hydronic junction with directly welded sinus manifold made of square profiles 80/60, 37-2 steel with welded endpieces. Hydronic junction consisting of a vertical, rectangular chamber with two lateral 2” NPT-threaded pipe nipples for the connection of the heat source as well as ½” couplings for air purging, sensor and draining. 1” NPTfor connecting the heating circuits. Sinus manifold as combined flow and return manifold with adjacent chambers divided by a sinusoidal parting wall. Connection of junction and manifold by directly welded flow pipe; connection of return pipe by square profile running vertically parallel to the junction. Additional ½” coupling in the lower secondary flow pipe. The Sinus Hydronic Unit was pressure tested and primed in our factory.

  • Connection, heating circuits: 1“ NPT
  • Connection, boiler circuits: 2“ NPT

Thermal insulation, included in the set

For chamber sizeEPP foam (black)
[mm] [Insulation thickness in mm]
80/60 36
120/80 52

In compliance with EnEV 2014 consisting of half shells with end pieces and cutouts for all nozzles.


Wall bracket, included in the set


Soundproof and zinc-plated, consisting of wall panel for screw fastening and bracket, outreach up to manifold centre: 160 mm

(2 wall brackets are included in each set)


Maintenance box - Magnetite separation module

Anschluss am Kesselrücklauf unter dem Verteiler

Enables desludging with pressurized system. Consisting of section tube 80x60, material S235, connection: 2x G 1 ½“. Equipped with desludging nozzle and ball valve ½“, and magnetic rod screwed into the thermwell. For attachment to the boiler return line beneath the manifold.

Set components: EPP insulation in compliance with EnEV, ball valve, magnetite filter cartridge

Identification plate


Made of galvanized sheet steel with transparent cover for three-line label for screw fixing to the thermal insulation. Size: 100 x 50 mm, colours: red for flow line / blue for return line

Technical data
Number of heating circuitsHeating water throughput rateLength

Wall thickness


[HC] [m³/h] [gpm] [mm] [in inch] [mm] [in inch]
2 7.0 30.8 840 33.1 2.5 1/10"
3 7.0 30.8 1,125 44.3 2.5 1/10"
4 7.0 30.8 1,410 55.5 2.5 1/10"
5 7.0 30.8 1,695 66.7 2.5 1/10"
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