Cascade unit from 7.0 m³/h (30.8 gpm) up to 34.4 m³/h (151.5 gpm)

150 kW up to 600 kW at ∆T 15 K

Manifold / Collector pipe with hydronic junction


Chamber size: 120/80 up to 200/120
Heating water flow rate: 7.0 m³/h (30.8 gpm) up to 34.4 m³/h (151.5 gpm)
Output at ∆T 15 K: 150 kW up to 600 kW
Pipe distance (OC): variable
Product description

Manifold / Collector pipe for the accommodation of the boiler connections made of two section tubes on top of each other, material S235 with welded-in end caps and 1/2" drain connection couplings. A hydronic junction is firmly attached as a unit to the manifold / collector pipe on the left-hand or right-hand side, depending on the type of installation. Fixed pedestal in standard design with an overall height of 200 mm. The cascade unit is pressure-tested  and primed at the factory. Application range: Operating temperature up to max. 110°C (230°F), operating pressure up to max. 6 bar (90 psi).

Hydronic junction made of hollow square profile S235 with two lateral nozzles for the connection of the secondary heating circuits.

  • Standard 1/2" coupling sleeves for emptying and sensor.
  • The heating boilers are connected by 90° pipe bends directed to the rear such that all boiler models and sizes can be installed.


Special design

  • Angular design
  • U-shaped design
  • with flanged joint

Wall bracket

Soundproof and zinc-plated, consisting of wall panel for screw fastening and bracket.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation in compliance with EnEV 2014 consisting of two half shells each with end pieces and cutouts for all nozzles.

  • 40 mm PUR foam in coarse grain aluminium casing

Identification plate

Made of galvanized sheet steel with transparent cover for three-line label for screw fixing
to the thermal insulation. Size: 100 x 50 mm, colours: Red for flow line / blue for return line


Mounting frame

For free installation of wall-mounted condensing boilers,
matching the cascade unit.

2 heating boilers on each side
3 heating boilers on each side
4 heating boilers on each side



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