Small hydronix junction up to 4.5 m³/h / 17.5 gpm

incl. EPP insulation

Chamber size: 80/60
Heating water flow rate: up to 4.5 m³/h / 17.5 gpm
Operating pressure: max. 4 bar / max. 58 psi
Operating temperature max. 110°C / max. 230°F
Product description

Hydronic junction, consisting of a vertical rectangular chamber made of hollow square profile S235 with welded-in top and bottom, with four lateral nozzles for the connection of heat consumers and heat generators. The hydronic junction is pressure-tested and zinc-plated at the factory. 

  • 1/2" coupling sleeves for air vent, discharge and temperature sensor
  • Outlet connector: 1 1/4" NPT
  • incl. thermal insulation in compliance with EnEV 2014 consisting of two half shells with end pieces and cutouts for all nozzles. EPP foam (black).

Thermal insulation, included in the set

For chamber size
EPP foam (black)
[mm] [Insulation thickness in mm]
80/60 35
120/80 50

Insulation in compliance with EnEV 2014 consisting of two half shells with end pieces and cutouts for all nozzles.


Wall bracket

Wall mounting set (= 2 pcs.)


Magnetite separation module - Thread

Magnetic insert for separation of ferromagnetic substances in small low loss headers.
Consisting of: Magnetic rod screwed into the thermwell, desludging nozzle with ball valve ½“.
Enables desludging with pressurized system.

Set components: Ball valve, magnetite filter cartridge

Identification plate

Made of galvanized sheet steel with transparent cover for three-line label for screw fixing to the thermal insulation. Size: 100 x 50 mm, colours: red for flow line / blue for return line


Technical data
Heating water flow rateCross-section
Connection (4X)

Water quantity


Wall thickness

[m³/h] [gpm] [Width / Depth] [in inch] [litres/rm] [gal] [mm] [in inch] [mm] [in inch]
4.5 17.5 80/60 1 1/4" NPT
2.1 0.6 500 19.7 2.5 0.1

Technical information

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