Corporate philosophy

SINUSVERTEILER GmbH is an internationally successful service provider of and supplier of products of heating and air-conditioning technology. In order to ensure and expand this successful activity on a long-term basis, the following principles guide our economic actions:

Utmost customer satisfaction

Our customer must be sure that we will contribute all our skills and commitment to accept and fulfil his order, his problems and inquiries to the best of our knowledge and belief. All customer inquiries and problems  will be dealt with, developed and implemented in a cooperative partnership with the customer. The important things for us are the high quality of our products, flexible actions and a short response time and thus quick delivery to our customers. It was this corporate philosophy that made Sinusverteiler GmbH known.

Absolute principle of quality

Our products must excel in high quality and long service life. They must not give any reason to negative criticism. Internal and external trainings as well as anticipatory personnel planning continuously increase our know-how to fulfil this corporate principle.

Will and courage to make improvements

Continuous improvement of our products, our work flows  and the in-house labour and environmental standards is also one of our corporate principles, courage to continuous improvement being meant to come from all employees of the company.  Good experiences promoting our aims, gained in other enterprises, during seminars, at customers', suppliers' or elsewhere are discussed and implemented in our company. Based on this standard, we undertake to continuously work on improving the quality of our products and services as well as on the efficiency and flexibility of our actions.

Motivated, qualified and cost-oriented staff

Satisfaction and motivation are the main pillars of our company.  Safe and healthy workplaces are indispensable preconditions for achieving highest quality standards and customer satisfaction. Due to targeted training, our qualified members of staff have become reliable partners of our customers. Dedication and commitment of our staff are the strength of Sinusverteiler GmbH. Each employee contributes to the company's success. That is why we promote each member of staff at his or her workplace, while presenting him or her demanding challenges at the same time.  Qualified personnel at healthy and safe workplaces are the precondition for the high degree of motivation.

The implementation of this corporate philosophy is the personal ambition and obligation of each member of staff of Sinusverteiler GmbH.

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